Dajalima Wiltipoll Stud

Australian Wiltipoll Association History.                          

The Australian Wiltipoll Association Inc. was established in 1996 and the first AGM of the Association was held at Wayville, South Australia in March 1997.

The membership now numbers more than 200 in six states with 140 registered flocks and more than 10,000 registered breeding ewes.

The Association has established requirements for registration of Wiltipoll sheep; ie.
     1. must have no less than 96.87% Wiltshire Horn blood.
     2. must be polled with depressions on horn sites. 
     3. must totally shed its fleece annually.
     4. must be structurally sound.

To achieve the required percentage of Wiltshire Horn blood, a ewe of a polled breed must be first crossed with a pure bred Wiltshire Horn ram and then back-crossed successively for four generations.

Requirements for listing an unregistered Wiltipoll flock;
     1. sheep must display Wiltipoll characteristics
     2. must be polled or lacking true horn
     3. must be full wool-shedding
     4. must be structurally sound