Dajalima Wiltipoll Stud

About Dajalima Wiltipoll Stud.                                                            

We are a small operation looking to build our flock. We are situated at Tenterfield on the Northern Tablelands in NSW. Our aim is to breed top quality animals for stud and to supply Rams for the production of prime lambs. For the first few years it is unlikely we will have ewes for sale but we hope to have some rams available in 2013.

We started our flock earlier this year after purchasing our stock from Anvil Park Stud in Armidale NSW. All animals are registered and classed A1. Anvil Park is a brucellosis accredited stud and we now have our accreditation. Our OJD score is 7 and are currently MN2 in the sheep map.

We chose the Wiltipoll for the full wool shedding characteristic, the fast growth rate of the lambs, the high rate of multiple births and the placid nature of the breed. I believe there is huge potential for the breed and look forward to learning as much as i can about the Wiltipoll. 

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